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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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city hall keeping tabs on the hearing. what is the latest? >> the public testimony continues here at city hall and it will undoubtedly continue into evening hours and the supervisors have to vote on whether or not to sustain the suspension of mirkarimi. and it's as complicated as that. the mayor needs nine votes from the 11 supervisors to uphold the suspension, mirkarimi needs three votes to be reinstated. >> this case is about mairl power claiming discretion to charge any elected official in this city with official misconduct. >> the former mayor is among those who spoke in support of mirkarimi. most of those who appeared for for the sus spened sheriff vie never known ross in the time that he has been a father and husband, to ever be negligent
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of his duty as a husband, provider and a loving father. >> the crowd outnumbed his detractors they were greeted by supporters and waiting crowds grew to about p00 or more, most seemed to be admiredders. he mirkarimi and lopez spoke to us outside. >> i'm happy with all of this support. i hope the mayor and supervisors listen to people because this is the message. >> this is a culmination of what has been an amazing ordeal, agonizing to the family. >> the meeting started at 2:00 with a packed chamber and standing room only. the ethics commission spoke about the decision in august. >> by a vote the commission decided that this mayor
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suspended charges of official misconduct on the basis of physical abuse from the sheriff. >> the deputy city attorney presented the case asking the supervisors to uphold the suspension. >> the sheriff in the testimony to them minutized and sanitized his events. that he was not truthful and forth coming. >> attorney david wagner represented mirkarimi. >> the punishment does not fit the crime. >> and the mayor never alleged he committed official misconduct in performance of duties. >> and david hsu hopes they'll take the vote but if they don't they can vote next week. if they don't vote next week
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he is reinstated as sheriff. his attorney told me if they lose vote they'll appeal to court and one activist told me if reinstated there are groups that will launch a recall. the latest here is that the public testimony continues. >> and this goes on. thank you very much. new developments in a controversial shooting of an oakland man. the district attorney says it will not file criminal charges against the police officer who shot and killed blueford in self-defense during a foot chase. blueford allegedly pointed a gun but never fired it. the death prompted many protests. family members demanding the police department release reports on the shooting.
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>> a school crossing guard protecting her son when it happened. the 47-year-old suffered two broken legs, five broken ribs and a broken neck. and a car plowed into her and her 11-year-old son. she says she pushed her son to safety. the boy was not seriously injured. another woman just dropped off her child was also struck and they were listed in walnut creek and tonight they're in serious condition. witnesses say they heard the speeding car long before they saw it. >> i hear that audi very loud. and hit the curve, clipped that car, plowing into them. >> this guy is driving and flying down the street. and there is a car in the middle, hit the car and flipped over. and i saw a little boy flying.
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>> two men jumped out of it. police say one returned and claimed he was the driver and police identified him as a 22-year-old from oakland. the other man ran away and not been found. we understand he may have a warrant out for his arrest on another matter. >> some tense moms for two sea lions today, more tense for men and women trying to rescue them. and there is a top lar tourist attraction. >> we had nothing less than a man made rescue two of sea lions and a man made problem, one sea lion is already tonight. creep, creep, creep, how do you capture an injured sea lion? the answer would be carefully. >> this is kind of exciting. >> what drama began this
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morning. two sea lions wrapped in plastic. enter a crew of six to attempt a rescue of one sea lion that remained. >> looked like a packing strap which is a band of plastic nylon found around boxes and carton autos and there is before the crew got too close they sedated the sea lion, next... there are more anxious moments and real drama. >> he looked funky which is a good thing. >> and the crew load that had and got ready to truck him away from the gathered tourists and everybody loves a happy ending.
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the center tells us the lion appears to be a juvenile male, and they have named him. they seem to name the sea lions this is named blond bomber. and there is a question of the other sea lion that escaped. they're creatures of habit meaning we can see another scene like this over again. from pier 39 wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and it's a huge day for bay area baseball but the giants and a's facing do or die games in their series. >> there is bonus baseball. giants and reds tied 1-1 and there is first pitch is now just minute as way. >> our team is on the field as well. there is a's down but fans not
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counting them out, right? >> you know it's been a fun, festive atmosphere. there are strangers befriending one another there is seconds away from the first pitch and a must win situation for the a's. >> you need to support the team no matter what. >> he and his bud yeez aren't the only ones. fans started pouring in. the mood is festive. only one thing on their nindz. -- minds, winning. >> my mother is hiding. >> this family represents three generations of a's fans and they're confident a win is only big hits away. >> so this is what they do. how they got here. >> there is time for one last warm up. a's have their backs against the wall there is a win letting tigers take best of one series. there are seven months of
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heart and soul into the team. >> there is where i've been tail gating four years. >> he has been coming out since 1972 reminding me his team has won last six games so there is a victory is over. >> they can win three more at home. >> there is a's covered 37% of the seats with green tarp. management believes keeping everybody tighter there is an intermet experience. nick smith abc 7 news. >> thank you. and now, shu what do a's have to do tonight in order to pull this off? >> this is energy here alone could propel this team into the next round. you would think they were up,
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but everybody is optimistic. and if there is any team that can pull this off it would be amazing a's this, is the loosest group i've covered in a team sport. and despite the fact they're facing elimination tonight they all believe they're going to have to take it one game at a time. and win, lose or draw they're going to have fun. >> this is what it is all b you play to get into this position. and nobody a playoffs this has been everybody i thought it would be. this is a blast and hopefully, we can pull out a win tonight. and to see what happens. >> this has been a lot of fun in the post season. >> yes. this is behind us now. now, it's about finishing the job
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and winning the world series. >> and you guys can win it's right here. >> there is a great crowd that amped us up there. is a last great stand. who is going take that confidence in front of these guys? >> and first pitch, just a few minute as way. brett anderson on the hill. as mentioned they've got to win three straight, everybody will be having one of these towels. athletics and hopefully will propel them into game four. reporting live, mike shumann abc 7 news. >> it's exciting. thank you. >> we can tell you giants now ahead-1 in the 10th. >> go. >> yes. >> keep in mind here is how he can show your spirit go to our face book page. >> it's fun, then choose your team post a badge, there are three choices for giants and three for a's.
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>> if divided there are options for fans of both teams as well. >> just ahead a blistering attack on president obama. california g.o.p. fund-raiser blaming him for skyrocketing gas price autos and former president clinton comes to try to tip the scales in four races. there is a battle on both sides, now. >> there is gloves off, one campaign wants your vote goes negative against the governor. >> there is a service warranty gets five repairs the
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an announcement from chevron today could keep the price of gasoline from coming down as we might like saying the unit will remain closed through the end of the year. that has been operating at about 60% sense the fire. the damaged unit considered the heart of the refinery because it disstills crude oil into fuels and revealed it's producing 92,000 fewer barrels per day than before the fire. >> and there are average price in california is now $4.67 a gallon. and in santa cruz gas is a penny higher. state republican party went on at tack accusing the president of ignoring the crisis during his visit here, yesterday and
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blaming liberals for driving price as above $4 a gallon. david louie is live with more on the story. david? >> this california republican party has a window of opportunity to turn it into a major campaign issue. and where there is main there may be potential to win over new donors. the new stayings have nearly identical prices and customers are shocked. >> i'm just tired and this is getting ridiculous. $4.49? >> triple a cites a power outage as a reason along with low inventories tied with a switch over. however, california republican party turning fuel prices into a political issue. this appeals for donations in this e mail blast and jackie
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james identified herself as republican. she's not able to make a krnt contribution. >> do you think either candidate can do anything? >> no. >> this resonated with this gas customer. >> would you be inclined to donate for gas prices? >> yes and $5? $10. >> thank you. >> and this democrat says she won't be supporting g.o.p. fund raising. >> i think they're about getting ready of programs and people need help so no. no. >> fatigue over paying close to $5 a gallon may dissipate, soon. triple a says peak has been reached and prices should be dropping but pump price shock left many consumers stunned and strapped. >> when you've got to stand up
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here and pump gas on your lunch hour and it's $70 that is a big deal. >> do you think candidates can do much about gas prices? >> i don't know. if they want to, they will. >> gas customers seem to be more concerned about finding stations with the lowest prices and if we have leveled off and if we're going to see lower prices in the days head, that could diffuse this issue. >> and there is a instead of driving around town to find best prices just go to abc 7 there is a link to the cheapest gas prices around your area. >> we're enjoying another day of lovely weather. >> and there is more clouds moving around and take a look at this, this is an mazing view from our high definition camera here at san francisco
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looking towards sutro tower, there is some blue and yellows and gold from the sun. and clouds various levels we've got a lit of instability now there is radar image here you can see an area of showers to with 50 miles west of half moon bay. and wrapping around northwest around a center of low pressure off shore, there is a also an area of thundershowers that will be wrapping around circulation around that low. it's not expected to move into the bay area yet z there are showers here tomorrow and first, a look at current conditions now at 60 degrees in san francisco. 67 across the bay and there is low p 0s inland. forecast features it will be
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mostly cloudy skies overnight. there is a chance of showers into the south bay. tonight, temperatures dropping into the low 50s foremost of the bay area and there are clouds thickening. lows into mid to upper 40s. satellite composite shows this low off shore with counterclockwise circulation. there are showers that are around that center of low pressure. there is some scattered showers down south ward towards monterey. there is low pressure thursday working into southern california there is a good chance of it producing snow into sierra. south of yosemite. and and there is back here in the bay area, south bay. there are showers and in
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points south ward there is a good deal of cloudiness, highs from upper 60s to low 70s, moving north tomorrow, skies becoming sunnier, there is lingering clouds and high temperatures reaching into mid to upper 60s and low 60s on the coast. around san francisco, downtown, 64 degrees, noorj bay, sunny skies tomorrow, clouds around and mostly sunny skies there is highs into mid to upper 60s and inland, once getting north of dublin there is sky that's will be sunnier. livermore, highs into low 70s and here is the accu-weather forecast. there is dry conditions thursday, friday, remainder of the forecast period.
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weekend brings us a beginning of a warm up continuing into the middle of the week, high temperatures sunday, monday, tuesday low to mid-80s inland. mid to upper 70s around the bay. there is quite a change from right now. >> yes. quick note, giants just won. >> good news, let's hope a's can get it done as well. they need a win too,. >> coming up the peanuts gang about to make a come back back. >> yes. family of the famed charles schulz bringing i
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wells fargo denying allegations accusing the bank of recklessly handing out government backed home owns. it seeks hundreds of millions of dollars in damages on behalf of the fha. and this bank issued a statement saying it believes they acted as a prudent lend skbrer vowed to defend itself. >> there is new help for struggling homeowners in oakland who are at risk of foreclosure, the city unveiled a plan to reach out to residents providing them with
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home own skbrer tenant counseling services as well as legal and financial help. >> and let's be clear. not only do the foreclosures cause devastating harm to families who lose their homes, they also have been causing significant suffering throughout entire neighborhoods. >> and oakland has been hard hit, estimating one in seven received a default notice on the mortgage in the last five years. >> and a loud explosion shook calistoga today. a bomb squad set off a decades supply of ether. 96 canisters were found inside of a closet. but the sheriff's department got word only yesterday and they blew it up today there
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are several homes under evacuation orders. owe fishes say had was never immediate danger to the public. the ether estimated to have been there since 1957. >> a lot more still to come. we're keeping tabs on a's for you now. it's the bottom of the first ining in oakland. a's leading. and there are giants just beat the reds. >> former president bill clinton comes to northern california but not stumping for mr. ob yaum yachl the candidates he is endorsing this visit. >> and the millionaire siblings putting a negative spill on the governor's tax increase measure that you'll vote on this november.
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>> former president clinton
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same kaim to endorse candidates and now there is more on the political cloud in the bay area race that pollsters consider, what a toss up. >> that is right. and he can pull in support and a congressional district he is hoping that clinton's appearance does just that. >> president clinton came to support four democrat autos four people i'm on the stage with, and each in their own way represent the american dream. >> two incumbents represent eastern edge of the bay area. and. >> before he ran for congress he was in the wind turbine business. >> this time around, is he in a newly drawn district facing a well funded republican opponent.
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>> and ricky gill running his own ads and outside supporters attacking his opponent and u.s. chamber of commerce paid for this ad and is spending million as tacking democrats and their director tells abc 7 news the path to maintaining a pro business majority goes through the golden state. ricky gill told me the support is only natural. >> there are owe folks i think are going to flock to outside groups. >> jerry mcnerny has an advantage in registered voters and this democratic party stands up for the middle class. >> abc 7 news bruce cane says this race and others brought clinton to davis are exactly the kind of small to median campaigns where the citizen
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unite a decision on contributions can have biggest impacts. >> you're more likely to be able to get by to and get noticed in smaller markets so i can see where phone shall for money making is great in california. >> and political circles you can hear chatter about impact. our analyst says take a look at the small and medium market races in california central valuey and other places. that is where the money is going make the biggest difference ask have the biggest impact. >> that is interesting. thank you very much. >> and both mitt romney kpt president took their campaigns to important battle ground states today. the president appeared in ohio urging them to register to vote and he took a shot at his opponent's vow. >> he's going to bring down the hammer on sesame street.
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look. that is not leadership that. is salesmanship. >> there is an ad mocking romney for the comments but the broadcaster says it's not pleased wlt message and asked the campaign to take the ad down. romney responded with his own attack autos these are tough times with real serious issues. so have you to scratch your head when the president talks about saving big bird. >> narrowing polls and strong debate last week reenergized the campaign, polls show a tightening race with just four weeks until election day. the vice presidential debate is coming up this week and you can watch it thursday here at 6:00 p.m. >> democrats who are backing drop 30 asking the woman funding prop 38 to hold off on launching television ads.
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and there is a political battle. >> with proposition 38 behind in the polls this civil rights attorney slammed a competing tax measure pushed by governor brown. proposition 30 funding public education through an income tax hike showing it may claim to fund schools but probably raided through the back door and her brother is funding nornl campaign. >> this is why sacramento is behind it. >> the staff does not want to happen. in fact, pro prop po ads have thus far stayed positive. >> i think they've taken their eye off the ball this, is no longer about students and
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future, funding our schools. this is about winning. >> the campaign did not return repeated calls and e mails but has says the proposal to raise the income tax is better investing $31 million so far to get voters to agree. >> we think the governor doesn't have has good as an idea as we do. >> the governor cannot let a negative ad go unanswered. >> look. the fact is that we didn't choose this course. >> this democratic strategist says both want to help schools but may end up doing the opposite. >> at the end of the day it doesn't help either campaign. so that could mean the worst case scenario for schools. >> stakes are high f both pass,
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the one with the most votes goes into affect. >> and a group backed by the beverage industry is outspending supporters of a soda tax in richmond. campaign n finance documents show no on "n" campaign spent $2.2 million. yes spent only $25,000 this, would impose a tax of a penny an ounce on soft drinks and sweetened beverages. and opponents say it will cost millions in lost sales. >> hikers curiosity led him on a journey of discovery. >> he found a note along a trail and it brought two families together
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>> this is remarkable. a message in a bottle found on dry land. a backpacker came across a note left in the sierra then sent out to contact the author. >> abc 7 news has this incredible story. >> came over a steep pass. >> larry wright has been backpacking his whole life. in 70 years he thought he'd seen it all. but he hadn't. until now. >> there thursday, august 17th1972. >> at the top of a mountain so remote it took five days to get there, he found this perfect piece of paper.
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a hand written note 40 years old. neatly sealed in a rusty film canister. >> and and there is 12785 feet. >> he just happened to look down at his feet. >> what made you think to pick that up and open it? >> well, it was a -- it was a strange object. a man made object in this place where there is nothing of that kind around. >> he opened to it discover the note he knew what he had to do next. >> i thought wow. you know? i'll contact this guy. it will be fun. it has been. >> tim taylor, turns out is now 53 and a supreme court judge in san diego. he found him with help from his hometown newspaper he walked up and picked up the paper. there i was. >> he says his father called him to tell him he'd made headline autos tim you're not
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going to believe this, you're in the paper. for a net you left 40 yearsing ao on some mountain top in the sierra. >> he said he was a boy scout climbing that peak himself to get a better view of the lake. it is not named on maps he thinks he was the first person to climb that peak suggested larry wright might be only the second. >> he kind of joked with me about we you know it's unnamed peak maybe i'll put in some kind of a request to have it named taylor wright peak. >> wright said he'd be just fine with that. >> 7 on your side sup next. the bay area woman working with a broken appliance. >> left high and dry. she add an
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>> you may know it could be handy to have a service washty covering any needed repairs
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but do you get free snfs. >> answer is yes and no. and michael finney is here to explain. >> this is one woman told me she received five repairs under the warranty and didn't have to pay a dime for them. the problem? her appliance still didn't work. >> this is not working. >> she's showing us what happened the day her drier conked out. >> pushed a button, nudging. >> just a load of soggy clothes. and no way to dry them. she had purchased this extended service warranty from whirl pool. >> a nice young man checked everything with his little electrical prong said it's a timer. >> this technician told her to order a knew nu timer. >> he came again, well, the timer is defective. >> and she went through the process over again. she ordered part, another
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technician came out this, guy shook his head. >> he said no. it's timer. >> and he did have one for a dish washer. >> and that quit. >> so another repair man came out. he has the most low tech solutions of all. >> and there is any electrical tape? >> the tape didn't help. he said he would be back in the couple weeks. weeks? that was too long. >> oh, boy. you know? at this point my paish qens was turning into anger. >> it had been eight weeks since her drier broke during that time, she was putting her wet clothes in the plastic bags driving them owe her niece's house, drying them there. she found out wet clothes are very heavy and this is
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especially after back surgery. >> i have two towels and do little things. >> finally she called her own repair shop who made a repair. >> i went to 7 on your side. >> and whirl pool agreed to pay for the repair and refunded the cost of the warranty. she received a check for $256. whirl pool says it's disheartening when a consumer issue is not able to be resolved quickly. there could with several components. >> i am so surprised and happy and thankful kgo could help me. >> she says now doing baundry never seemed so easy and that
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is excellent, nice work. >> charles schulz isn't with us anymore but the peanuts coming back. there is a new film set to be released november 25th. and that marks 65th anniversary of the first comic strip. this film does not have a title yet. and he of course lives in santa rosa. >> let's update the forecast. >> there is a time lapse view, you can see clouds in the atmosphere moving in different directions. right now taking a look at doppler 7 there are showers about 50 miles off shore and this is counterclockwise moving away. but other showers will be moving in tomorrow there is a chance of showers and high
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temperatures up into the north bay low 70s inland east bay low to mid-70s and showers and sunny skies remainder of the forecast period warming up over the weekend. low to mid-80s by sunday z mid-70s around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. >> thank you. >> and mike shumann is live tonight. >> that is right. a's and tigers underway. there is an update for you. giants live to play another day. there are highlight
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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larry beil is off. good news, san francisco won in cincinnati. >> and that is where shu is. >> and guys we'll give you an update here in just a moment. but giants, how about those giants? kins supposed to be dominated by the pitching staff. first two games it's been other way around and there is since since dom fating giants have a good night hitters. let's go to game tlee. there is fans making a series sweep.
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there is one going to five tonight. there is brian voguel song giving a lead. there is a score. and there is hunter pens sliding. there is third inning. there is giants with a base runner, giants able to tie the game. incomes blanko 1-1 game there is two outs to the 10th. there is scott rowland can't field it. areas of safe. buster scores. 2-1, giants.
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there one two,, three innings, giants survive another day taking game three by a final of 2-1. >> there is great stuff, command throwing hard out h you know? you just hope pitching comes through and gives you a chance whachl a job they did. >> and there is giants forcing a first pitch tomorrow from cincinnati. a's more motivated for tonight's game for what happened in game two. there is two outs, two on. there is a ground right back to the pitcher and kissed a ball. a's not happy and maybe we'll be able to field a come back. may be clear he meant no
6:56 pm
disrespect. >> there is where i can tell you there is no way they would do anything intentionally. >> after a game when something like that happens you're going to hear something from someone. you move on. it's not a big deal for me. >> and the a's up 1-0, bottom three. so maybe this will be fueling their win today. there is san ferd with a match up. they're having their best season in years, there will be four straight ranked opt. there are ires stream rolling opponents having allowed just three touchdowns in five games. >> this is one of the better
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complete teams this year, they play great defense, and solid on special teams. it's going to take great team game autos if there is one team that as beaten us sh it's been stan forward that is clear. >> if you're a's and giants highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and thank you, shu. >> go, giants. >> see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and we'll both be here at 11:00 and from all of us, have 11:00 and from all of us, have a good evening
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